Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Night Out and In

For Alex's birthday we planned to buy him a desk for his birthday. The one he/we picked out was one from IKEA and the night we went to purchase it it was out of stock. So last night we checked on line and they had nine in stock so we planned an evening out with the kids to go pick it up.

Our trip to IKEA was successful, the desk was purchased as were a few other items that we couldn't pass up. Kathi got a wok for $5, a soup ladle for $1 and some bag clips $3. I'm hoping for some yummy stir fry now.

After IKEA, since we were in North Portland, we decided to eat at Porque No for dinner. Why not? Right! Yummy tacos on a beautiful Saturday night in Portland. The restaurant was small and crowded, the tacos were small and a bit over priced, yet they were delicious. It is a trendy restaurant that you commonly find in the Mississipi and Albina area of North Portland. If tacos are your thing I highly recommend Newberg of all places for the best deal on tacos at Panaderia Gonzalez. Their tacos are more than twice the size for the same price.

Nothing finished off a night with the kids like s'mores in the backyard.

It was a bit smokey for the girl.

Mmmm... s'mores.

Hot Shoes!

One of Owen's toys ended up in the backyard last year and has been tossed around back there by everyone but Owen. Last night Kathi saw it in a plastic bucket and asked me to throw it in the fire. Who am I not to obey?