Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mmmm, Meat!

Ashby, you can get this shirt at

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big 4-0

Hey maybe this is my chance to be on TV!

Mr. or Mrs. Exectutive Producer person, I am turning 40 in July. I will be having a pirate party and may be sporting a new tatoo by then. I am willing to jump out of a plane, or ski the highest mountain, or raft the raging river, or spend a month in Hawaii, or race a NASCAR, or hike the Grand Canyon, or whatever cool adventure you would put an average white guy on. This could be my big break, my first step into stardom, the launch of a new career, the beginning and end of my mid-life crisis.

Call me...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

S.O.S.S. Photo

Tonight I learned that the photo I posted with the Save Our Swing Set post didn't show up. So here it is:
An update on the protest: the signs lay in the backyard getting soaked by the rain. Not much of a mention has been made of it since. So for all the heart the kids have they do lack the stamina for a good fight.

Quick Pix

Can you tell that he's got a big sister?
And despite the look on his face he really enjoyed this. His toes are done too.

There are eyes under there somewhere.
He's doing well, learning, training, etc. We are having fun with him around the house.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Parks & Gardens

Last night I went and celebrated 'tone's upcoming nuptials with the boys at Stub Stewart State Park. Thanks to Luke who put it all together we had a great safe time.

One thing I learned on this outing was that Anthony doesn't like condiments. This was unfortunate for him. Let's serve up a cup of Mayo/Relish stuff... He didn't hold that down long.

Dinner was Chili. A random concoction of Luke's creation with the input of others whether he knew it or not. All of the ingredients were put into a Dutch Oven and then it was placed in the coals of the fire. Yummy.

After dinner and some guy banter and goofing off it became dark. Dark doesn't stop boys. We ran off to a nearby "field" and played some capture the flag. I am old. Period. That is what the game taught me.

We stayed in a few cabins for the night and left too early in the am. It was a vacation day and I was woke up before eight. That is wrong. So I packed it up and headed home.

That brings us to today. Our kids homeschool group had a field trip to the Japanese Gardens in Portland. It was a bit chilly for the outing but as good Oregonians we toughed it out. I love the garden. I just wish it was warmer so we could just sit and enjoy.

Here's a couple of my favorite pix from the day:

If this tree ever comes up missing I hope they don't check my backyard ;-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Swing Set Protest

Today and tomorrow I am on vacation. It is nice to have a relaxing day at home to see what the family does while dad is away at work.

This morning Kathi was on the phone with a friend discussing the future of our backyard. The kids overheard her say that the swing set was going to go away. Shortly after they overheard this Brianna was at the table with a stick, some paper, tape, and a pen. A few minutes later I hear chanting in the backyard.


Brianna had recruited Alex in the process. They both wore badges and held signs that read "Save our Swings".

I captured a couple photos and video before they knew I was there. As soon as they saw me they got louder and sillier. Owen thought it was a big game and was running around under thier legs jumping as if it was play time. I don't think he realized the seriousness of the kids conviction and love for the swingset.

The future of the swing set is in limbo. We'll see how far thier protest goes and if it sways the powers that be. Rumor has it they'll be recruiting the neighbor kids to join S.O.S.S.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Okay menches check this - - Melanie Coles, you Rock!

I love this idea. A 55' Waldo placed on a random rooftop to then be found on Google Earth. Yes. That is great. When I have a bit of free time I will look for Waldo.

Speaking of Google... This week during lunch one day I mapped Fullerton on Google maps and then turned on Street View and virtually drove around Fullerton looking at how our old stomping grounds had changed. Good times.

I love technology.

Friday Night Crash

Last night I was done. So done that I fell asleep during The Office. I think a week of poor, interrupted sleep caught up to me. The kids were outside with the neighbors and Kathi was on a walk so I came in and laid down with the puppy for a nap. We were out.

The opening of the front door woke up Owen and Owen jumping up woke me. After that nap I just couldn't muster the energy to stay awake.

I tried having a little Ol' South Fudge Pie ice cream by Umpqua for a bit of energy to stay awake enough to see the recorded shows. Didn't work.

I had no idea this bought of sleepiness was coming. On the way home I even picked up Revolver thinking that I would have an enjoyable evening staying up late to watch a flick. Nope. Plans failed. Sleep won.

Sleepy time is over now. Today I've got to get birds out of our dryer vent. The battle is on.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

P.O.D. Is In The Hizouse

The new POD CD sits in my player and will remain there for a bit. It is good. Not their best but good. It is hard to beat The Fundamental Elements of Southtown and Testify.

This CD is a bit more mellow than Testify but the change is good. They do rock it up a bit later in the CD and mix it up a bit with Kaliforn-eye-a but overall the sound is more mellow. Sonny lost the dreads but his vocals are still strong. Some of the lyrics are weak and a bit poppy but overall still have the POD touch with the slang and poor grammar.

They tell stories, sing, play and rock. All good parts of a decent album that should be enjoyed by all.

Welcome back Marcos. It is good to have you back with the boys.

And while I write this I'll just say goodbye to Michael Johns you won't be missed.

AI Gone All Jesus On Us?

I just sat down for the night to relax, turned on American Idol, and they are singing Shout to the Lord. Did I miss something? What? A worship song? Wow. Interesting. It doesn't seem very pop or top 40 but oh well.

Shout it peeps. Shout it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Book Recommendation

This morning I was reminded of a book that I read years ago. It is Replay by Ken Grimwood.

I highly recommend this book. It is about a man who dies at the age of 45 and goes back to relive his life over and over. Each time with the knowledge of his previous lives. He meets people over and over and runs into people that are experiencing the same thing. Each time he dies and goes back he uses the knowledge from his previous life to change his next. If you liked the movie The Butterfly Effect or Groundhogs Day you will love this book.

It is a quick and easy read and an enjoyable ride. Go forth and read, you won't be disappointed. You can pick it up off Amazon or for a couple bucks.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Music Recommendation

My neighbor lent me a CD two weeks ago and I haven't given it back. Don't know if I will. (Just kidding Chris) I'll be buying this one for sure.

The CD is Celldweller. Rockers hold on to your bandana's this CD is kick-arse.

Mix a bit of Metal with a bit of Electronica with a bit of Dance Beat and you've got Celldweller. I can't recommend this band (guy) enough. Go forth and purchase.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday's Are Too Short

Today I didn't get to sleep in like usual.  Bummer.  I look forward to the one day when I can wake up when I please (Thank you Kathi).  Today however was the AWANA Grand Prix.  It is a pine wood derby that we do every year with the kids.  It started at nine so I had to get up and shower. By the time is was over (12:48) it felt like most of the day was gone.  Kathi had a baby shower and Brianna was going to spend the day at a friends so it was just Alex and I (and Owen).  Between keeping Owen from chewing up the house and/or peeing on the floor we didn't have much rest.  After a bit I got a little winded of that so we put him in the kennel and took off for an hour.  This may not have been the best idea because when we got back he was out of control wild with energy.  

Tomorrow is full of events and things to do so rest will be short also.  Then of course comes Monday.  Oh, the dreaded Monday.  

I vote that Saturdays get extended by about 10 hours.  I bet Ron Paul would do it for me.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Picture of the Day

There is a tennis ball back in the corner behind the couch so the little guy went to get it. A bit of commando crawling and he was in. The ball however proves to be a bit elusive.