Sunday, November 30, 2008

The other night Kathi was working so I was home with the kids.  After a long day at work this can be a trying time and usually ends up being a good time to work on my patience.  As the night progressed the kids grew more and more irritating and just wouldn't get off each others backs.  Eventually some unkind words were exchanged and tears flowed.  Both kids got sent to their rooms as I took a few to calm down and think of what to do next.

I sat on the couch and took a breather.  I let my mind wander as I thought of how to teach the kids instead of punish them.  Then it hit me, I'd have them make a list.  The list would be five things they like about their sibling.  Ah-ha, brilliant.  I called the kids down.

I sat them down with paper and pencil and explained their assignment.  They both agreed and seemed a bit excited about it.  That took me off guard.  The only question I got was from Alex who asked me if spelling mattered, I told him to do his best.  Here are the lists (spelled as written):

Brianna's List:
  • leaves me alone on weekends
  • playes with me sometimes
  • excanges christmas gifts willingly
  • wird
  • has pillow fights
Alex's List:
  • cool
  • ceoot
  • nicse
  • osume
  • grate
  • excellent
My favorite thing about the lists is Alex's spelling.  He gets cute, nice, and great wrong but excellent right?  That struck me funny.  The other thing I loved was when after sharing their lists with each other they wanted to change and modify them according to what the other said about them.  Goal reached!!! Conversation started.  The rest of the night went swimmingly.

I have osume kids.
The honest truth is that I have a ton to blog about.  Much of which I just can't, much of which I don't think I want to and much I just can't wrap my head around enough to put into coherent thought.  

Subjects on my mind...
  • The economy and who is to blame
  • Christians and why I don't like them
  • The end of the world
  • My latest dreamscapes
  • If I were to make a movie
  • Unanswered prayers
  • The difference between Memphis & Portland
  • Why I do what I don't want to and don't do what I do want to
  • If I wasn't raised in the church would I be saved today?
  • Why I don't live in Hawaii
  • Rights vs. Privileges
  • Coffee is the flavor...
  • What I fear for my children
If I can settle my mind and get some things done I'll tackle the topics above.  I've been contemplating moving my blog so maybe I'll wait and do it there.  Don't hold your breath.

Until then I'll post when I want about what I want and about things that are probably not that serious.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thread Count vs. Weight

I love it when it is cold.  Especially at night.  We keep our window open a crack to let the cold in.

The other night I heard an interview with a celebrity who talked about how his success has earned him a better thread count in his sheets.  I for one couldn't tell you what our thread count is in our sheets.  To me thread count is unimportant.  What is important is weight.  Not thread weight but overall sheet, blanket, and covers weight.

Call it some Freudian "want to be back in the womb" thing if you want but I love it when it is cold and I can pile on the weight.  The more the better.  You know the lead apron they put on you at the dentist when taking x-rays?  Well I love that part.  For all I care they can leave that on the whole time.  Maybe next time I'll ask them to.

So take your silky sheets and high thread count and give me the heavy weight of piled on blankets.

Which means they still made a profit.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

RIP: Michael Crichton


One of my favorite authors has died. Jurassic Park was a great read. I appreciated his research and attenion to detail all the while weaving a good tale.

My prayers in well wishes go out to his family.

Word has it there is still a novel to be released, I can't wait.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lego's Are Huge

Friday night as I was trick-or-treating with the kids I noticed one thing - Lego's Are Huge.

Alex was a green Lego block for Halloween.

At one house we went to a 20-something guy answered the door.  All the kids were allowed to grab a handful of candy out of his bowl.  Since Alex's costume was a little cumbersome he was the last one to the door.  As he reached in the bowl and dumped his loot into his bag the guy at the door said "dude, grab another handful, your a Lego block and that is awesome".  It was said like a true Lego-maniac.

At another house a guy answered the door in costume and was playing the role of a psyco-crazy guy while handing out candy.  He moved slow and spoke in a deep and gravely voice to the kids.  Again Alex was the last to the door.  He played his role and as he turned to close the door he yelled up to his friends in his regular voice "Dudes, there's a kid who is a green Lego here."  At the window upstairs three sets of eyes appeared looking down for Alex.  I told Alex to turn and wave, he did and got a cheer we couldn't hear through the closed window.

Alex was a trooper in his box.  We hit an apartment complex that had stairs and it slowed him way down.  He had to sidestep all the way up and then hold his box up to his chin for the climb down.

All the other kids in our group had fun and creative costumes and raked in a load of goodies.  We had a good time.  We even trick-or-treated Burger King where the kids got a slushie, the toy of the month, and a handful of mints.  Brianna thought that it was the best part of the night.