Friday, January 28, 2011

Idol Winner

I don't care if anyone else sings better than this guy because he is already the winner in my mind. What a story. Love this!

"What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me most?!" That is the manliest statement of the year! We need more men like this in our world.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closer... Closer...

Watch this video and tell me how he does it! I must know!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

High Surf Warnings

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Due to high surf all week our time in the water has been very limited. Despite that we are having a great time. Today is our last full day here and we are going to meet up with my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Kay who are also on the island.

Since we couldn't get in the water we modified our time in paradise with other activities. Here's a few of the fun things we've done this week.
Alex and I went with Sue and Jim to explore a lava tube. We climbed and crawled back as far as it went. Alex was loving it, my knees were not.

Here's the boy at top at the end of the journey.

The lava fields look like Mars.

We cooked some yummy dinners. This was ka-bob night with chicken, peppers, onion and fresh Hawaiian pineapple.

The kids discovered the macademia tree. Uncle Jim let them use a hammer to crack them open so they could be eaten.

We met with the king.

We explored valleys.

We watched a rescue.

We teased the ass-horse.

We witnessed His art.

... and more of His art. This is the surf at the bay we were scheduled to tour.

We got in touch with nature.

This poor critter was patient with the kids.

More to come...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Waipio Valley

We weren't sure what we were going to do yesterday. The island has been on high surf alert and most of the beaches were closed. At first we thought we heard them say that the Waipio beach was closed but we found out it wasn't. Off we went.
Here's the troopers that walked with me down the mile long 25% grade road. The walk down was a challenge and I'm very glad we had a ride back up. The blue book we use as a guide to many things said that it's a mile down but will feel like five miles going up. I believe it.
The water was great.
We came across some of the wild horses feeding. They were beautiful animals.
Here's Capt. Jim driving us back up the hill. You can see the car ahead pulled over to wait for us to pass. The road is steep and narrow.
The sunset from the lanai is just wonderful.

Today will be more beach and snorkeling. It's rough I know.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hawaiian Wildlife

As you may know Hawai'i is full of wildlife not common to the mainland. On our first day out to the beach we spotted two of the rarest species.

The first was the black-billed flycatcher. She was so still and patient waiting for her prey. At one point I thought we might need to check for a pulse.

The second sighting was of the purple breasted oompah. What was unusual was that she was accompanied by the black chested oompah male (unpictured). They were off for a water hunting expedition.

There were many others but we were not fast enough with the camera to capture them.

We entered the water and snorkeled for a while but I had an equipment malfunction which cut my time short. Today the waves were too high for snorkeling so we spent the day out and about.

We hit the farmers market in the morning to find some local fruit but ended up with other items like baked goods, beads and other items.

We hit a coffee farm for a tour and found some more wildlife. Here is Brianna with the chameleon that Kathi found in the orange tree. We all took turns holding the little guy. We also saw two pigs that were roaming but again they alluded the camera's eye.

After the caffeine fest we headed for lunch and then to a market that was on the main street through the center of Kona. We had the obligatory shaved ice and the kids picked up some souvenirs.

We spent a little time watching the waves and letting the kids play on the beach before heading home to grill some steaks on the lanai.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


On our way home from church this weekend I spotted a license plate that read "STD MFN". My first thought was that you've got to be pretty self assured or narcissistic to have a license plate like that. At least the guy was driving a black Nissan Pathfinder and not a VW Bug.

We drove along laughing and making fun of the term "stud muffin". It was not something the kids had ever heard. I told the kids that I was not to be referred to as a "stud muffin" because although I may be soft and warm I am not filled with fruit.