Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just Heard

Me (to Kathi): "I wonder how we can keep down the spider population [in the backyard]?"

Alex (answering for Kathi): "We can get a robot."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Crazy's Back

It's been two years since I first posted about the Crazy Car Lady. Well, she's back and in a new car.

I've actually seen her a number of times in the last couple years and may or may not have said anything about her here. She's had a couple different cars since I saw her in the original Kia, but they've all had one thing in common, the color. Always a burgundy or shade of, sometimes leaning towards brown, sometimes red.

The new car is a Toyota Rav4.

This morning after a stint at the gym I went home and grabbed the bike. Half way up 185th the car in front of me hit its brakes. For no reason! Then I saw why - it was her. I thought about following her to her destination to confront her about her psycho behavior but decided to keep on to work.

One day lady, one of these days! You keep pointing and shaking your fist, keep on making the crazy sign, we know who the crazy one is. Until I lose it and decide to follow...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Scanned Photos

This weekend I reclaimed the garage - in other words, I cleaned it. While enjoying my Father's Day in a dusty, crap filled garage I ran across some gems. So tonight I scanned them for your viewing pleasure.
This was was my 1979 Subaru Brat - my first car. I bought it my senior year of High School from a classmate for $1,850. I wish I still had it.

This car brought me on some great adventures around Oregon, Washington, and California. It could climb Timberline Road in a foot and a half of snow without chains. And yes, it had the jumper seats in the back! Driving the gravel roads along the Deschutes River made for some excitement for me as the driver and the two passengers who must have been holding on for dear life in the back.

This car rocked! Sort of. The tape player could only play my copy of Brian Adams Reckless without sounding funny. For some reason it was the only tape that played in normal speed. All my others would sound like they were playing in half speed. Sorry Stryper.

The one thing I know it beat driving the Great Green Beast which was our eight passenger Ford Econoline Van or the Diesel Volkswagen Rabbit we had.

This is one of my mom during my black and white experimental days. I'm guessing she was about 45 when I took this picture. She was very supportive and tolerant of my photography hobby. My guess is that she probably thought I'd do something with it one day. Which in all honesty I hoped to until all of my gear was stolen from my dorm room in college. I'm still young, so you never know, I could still be the next Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz.

This is a shot of my dad while we were on vacation in San Fransisco in 1986. I'm guessing he was about 46, which is only five years older than I am now. Oh how time flies. He's holding his old Minolta which I know gave him many years of good service. I know he'd tell you that he had these shades before that style was cool. My dad, the trend-setter.

The three pictures were taken with either a Pentax K1000 or a Pentax ME Super. Both cameras I loved and had for many many years. The ME Super was actually the only camera not stolen in the big heist and until a year ago was still in my possession.

I've got a huge box of slides to go through when I've got time. So keep an eye out for future posts on old photos.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gimme Some Sugar

I am not a control freak, but I do prefer to drive than to be a passenger. I probably speak more than I should in conversations. I'd rather do things myself so I know it is done right. That said, the one thing I know is that I don't like to be controlled.

There is one thing in my life that has more control over me than it should - my desire for sugar. I just can't seem to get enough. If sugar was meth I'd be a full blown, on the street, begging for money, addict.

My drawer at work often resembles the candy aisle at Walgreen's. It is often stuffed with the likes of Hot Tamales, Gummy Worms or Bears, M&M's, Jujyfruits, Mike & Ikes, Starbursts, Milk Duds, Skittles, and the like. Currently there are a handful of cigar shaped bubble gums (so far untouched). My boss often will come in and rummage through my drawers looking for my latest hiding spot. I do hide it because of him and he rarely finds it. I think his lack of self-control may rival mine.

So this past week I decide to go on a sugar and caffeine fast. I have no set length of time in mind, I just want to show myself that I don't need it and that it does not control me. I also hope to break the quantity and frequency of my sugar and caffeine intake. So far so good.

This week there have been many temptations. Today, for example, a lady from Costco stopped by to give us information packages about potential memberships to the club and with that she left a box of brownie bites. I didn't eat a single one. I resisted soda at Five Guys, pie and candy at my sisters, and the coup de gras - the candy aisle at Walgreens. I went there and by habit walked through it and said out loud to the candy (cause I know it can hear me) "not today boys!"

Today is day seven. The journey continues.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool Cool

After meeting my brother Kevin (who now lives in TN) at Five Guys *burp* for dinner I ventured out to set up our new pool (thanks Daniel). It is a 12' x 3' above ground pool - just enough to keep cool in on hot days. This undertaking was a little more than I anticipated. But when the box says "easy set up" I say okay! I'm not feeling well but it is "easy set up" and I'll be a rock star to my kids. Well I say "easy set up" my ass! It was a pain in the...

First you have to level the ground - it is 12' across people - that is almost 144 square feet of ground you have to level. If it is off a hair the pool will know - yes, the pool will know. This I found out when all the water runs to one side. According to the "east set up" directions, this is a problem. Fortunately I only put a couple inches of water in so I was able to lift the pool and move the pebbles around a bit. After two hours which felt like two years - the ground was level. Or at least as level as I was going to get it without a team from ODOT.

Second you've got to fill it. City water ain't cheap. It'll cost more to fill the pool than it did to buy the thing.

The kids are very excited about having a pool. Owen on the other hand is not. There was a lot of sniffing and growling and running away. I think what he really needs to fear is the kids desire to put him in the pool once it is up and running. There was no wagging of the tail tonight.

The hose has been running for over two hours now and the pool is barely filled. I just can't wait until this months water bill.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Away

Thanks to my mom and dad for a nice weekend at the coast.

We stayed in Gleneden which is just south of Lincoln Beach. The beach was calm and peaceful, the condo was just the right size, and the company was perfect. Just the four of us for the weekend.
This is the view from the deck. You can see the beach if you lean out and turn your head to the right.
Here's my favorite picture of Brianna from the weekend.
and my favorite of Alex. I had him stand at the water's edge for a pic and I got him just as the wave did.
We took a hike up to a falls which included a trek across this cool suspension bridge in the middle of nowhere. We had to drive 12 miles up a narrow logging road just to get to the trail head. I'd say everyone was a good sport but one of us didn't like the suspension bridge and made a stink about it. Miles from nowhere we even ran into an old friend on the trail - it was good to see you Sam.
The falls. You actually stand on the suspension bridge to see it.
The kids favorite part was the pool and hot tub.
Of course there was some Catan to be played. Brianna won.

The weekend ended with a visit from my brother Kevin at my sister Mo's house. We had a yummy dinner and talked and laughed. Good times.

Today started at 3am with a monster headache and as I sit and type right now it still lingers. Nothing I've taken or done has helped. Tomorrow's a new day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The bottom of a bag of chips is the pits; the end is near and the pieces are small.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Tonight when I took Alex to his taekwondo class I had planned to sit in the park and read. Plans change.

Downtown Hillsboro was having a little party. There were vendors and music and cars and lots-o-people in the streets. So I took it in. As Carlee Smith sang her sweet tunes I was treated to a bit of people watching and a cappuccino.

Dudes were standing around talking about their cars that were on show; gals stood aside talking about whatever they talk about when their dudes are engrossed in dude stuff.

Lots of dogs. Small and horse-like.

Teenagers were trying to be cool.

Vendors were vending. Fruit, massages, crafts, palm readings, and more fruit.

Diners dining - I had just had dinner but could've eaten again.

It was nice to see people out enjoying themselves on a Tuesday night. It is a regular thing so I'll be there again to do whatever it was I was doing there.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Heard at Church

"When somebody breaks their arm, people sign their cast.
When you're weird in the head, nobody signs their forehead."

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dear Allergies,

We've been together for almost 41 years and it's about time we talk honestly. I'm tired. Tired of the way you make me feel. All the tears I've shed and itches I've scratched over the years has finally taken its toll on me. I'm done. Calling it quits. I think it is time for you to move on. I'd say "it's not you, it's me" but that is a lie - it is most definitely you.

I know this may be hard for you to take and it may come as a surprise but that is too bad. When you leave I will feel no sense of loss or remorse, that is how far I've come in my disdain for you. Our relationship is done, kaput, over! I won't miss the running, stuffed up nose or the itchy eyes. As a matter of fact there is nothing you bring to the table that I will miss.

So I am asking that you pack your bags and hit the road. There is no need for goodbye's, no last minute sneezes, and no explanations - just go.

Your host,


PS - While you're at it, why don't you take your friend Asthma with you.