Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Girly

The end of Winter has given us record amounts of rain and a depressing lack of sun. So far Spring hasn't treated us much better. Thankfully the plants understood we needed a change and began to bloom.

Brianna loved the blossoms so she collected a bouquet of cherry blossoms to display in the kitchen.

Dear Lord, please bring us some sun. We could use a ray of sunshine and a little vitamin D after this long wet and dark winter.

twin baby boys have a conversation - part 2 ORIGINAL VIDEO

Can someone translate this for me? It appears to be a friendly disagreement of some sort based on the hand gestures. Maybe it's over sock etiquette and whether or not it's acceptable to have only one sock or two of a different color. Not too sure. A little help people?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art with Salt - Eric Northman

Just when you think that every art medium has been used along comes something like this. Salt.

The simplicity of the white on black is striking but what really gets me is how the salts texture perfects the face.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Big Heads

A couple weeks ago I sent my brother a photo of a Charlie Brown squishy that he had dropped off at my office about ten years ago. For ten years this Charlie Brown figure has graced my office without much notoriety, however, someone had come into my office that day and asked about it. This reminded me of my brother so I sent him the picture and a text from my phone. He had returned the text asking if it was still squishy so I sent him a response photo showing that it was. This Darth Vader bobble is another nick-knack that floats around my office. Darth holds a prominent position atop my computer where he can keep a watchful eye on things.

Seeing these two figures got me thinking. What is up with the oversize craniums? Are we obsessed with big heads? I for one have a larger than normal head at 7 5/8" but nothing compared to these two. My boss has an irritating habit of calling attention to my head. Irritating not because I'm embarrassed or bothered by having a big head but because it's not the least bit funny and his point of bringing it up is that he thinks it is.

What would happen if the world was destroyed and aliens landed on Earth and all that was left in the rubble were a couple of bobble head dolls and images of Precious Moments figures? Would their report back to the home world consist of ideas that humans were large headed beings with incredible balance to be able to stand with that melon on top? I'm sure they would.

We are taken in by things over-sized. Even McDonalds knows this, just look at the Hamburgler and Mayor McCheese.

What would I look like if I took my 7 5/8" head to the proportions of the bobblehead?

Well no need to leave it up to the imagination. Here it is. Huge Noggin' Brian. "Like an orange on a toothpick".