Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Photo Video

For all you photographers out there, you'll love this one.

Leave Me from Ryan Dunlap on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I've seen NASCAR on TV for years and have always wanted to see it live. This past Sunday I got that opportunity. Our company sponsored a car in the Pro-Series this year so when NASCAR came to Portland I got to go. Alex and I had pit passes so we got an up close and personal look at the cars, pits and people that make these races happen.

The sights, sounds and smells were all that I expected them to be. Even though this series is kind of the minor leagues of NASCAR it was still impressive. This also provided a great venue for some picture taking. Here's a few of my favorites.

Here's Alex in front of the track at our seats.

This is one of my favorite shots I've taken of all time!

One of the NASCAR ladies. All of the ladies holding the umbrellas for the drivers to keep them out of the sun were dressed in a 50's bombshell style. I think the tattoos just added to their cuteness.

Here is our car! We got the hood for this race.

Andrew Ranger is the driver of the 35 car. He had the lead for a while at the end of the race but blew his engine with a few short laps to go.

It was a beautiful summer day at the track.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have a little section next to my desk at work filled with reminders of what's important and why I sit here for 10 hours a day.

There are pictures of my kids.

Our engagement photo.

A picture of me and Kathi on a dock.

A family photo that is a bit out dated.

A Beaker finger puppet from my sistet.

A love note from my son.

A bobble-head frog from my daughter.

A hulu girl from Hawaii.

A picture of me and Kat Von D.

And a pirate.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Close for One Year

Friday my sister and her family arrived into town for a year's stay while her husband serves in Iraq. It is a happy and sad occasion at the same time. We are happy to have them close for a while but sad that it's at the expense of being without Jonathan for that time.

Yesterday we spent the day with them down at my mom and dads and had a great time. Here's the day in pictures.

Jonathan will be in town for two weeks so we'll try to pack in with him what we can. Guns, whiskey and motorcycles top the list of our shared interests so we'll see what kind of trouble we can get into.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Traffic Games

Imagine that your driving behind someone who thinks that 45 is okay in a 55 zone. What's your response? Frustration? Probably. I know it is for me.

I'm a talker while I drive, even when I'm alone. I talk to other drivers, sometimes I'm thanking them or complimenting their good driving but most often I'm cursing their entire existence. Many days I question the State's decision to give some people the license to drive.

I know I'm not alone in this and that is why I now share with you my new driving game. My working title is "Which Way Are You Turning? 'Cause I'm Going The Other Way! Traffic Game" My title needs a little work.

This is how the game works. When your driving behind the "45 in the 55" person and you feel the frustration building, you follow until you get to the next traffic exchange. Once they let you know which way their going you go a different way. For example, if you come to a four way stop and they choose to go straight then you either turn right or left. Simple as that. Game on. The rules are simple and the results vary. Score is kept in your head and the other person never even knows they were playing your game.

Scoring varies. You can dock points from the other driver if they don't signal their turn intentions ahead of time or if they even bother at all. Remember, they drive 45 in a 55 so moving their hand to the turn signal to engage it might waste too much energy. After all, energy savings is their goal I assume since 55 might eat up too much gas. Back to the game... Making the move to go another way is a victory point in the game. You get out from behind the annoyance and carry on your speed limit way. "But Brian, this puts me off my course and will take longer for me to get to my destination" I knew you'd say this. It's okay. The bonus points for this move is the new scenery you experience and the challenge of getting back on course or finding a new route. You can add bonus points for how few turns it takes you to get back to where you were going or based upon whether or not this is a road you've been on before or not.

I can see by the look on your face that you don't like my game. Too bad. Maybe you just don't fully understand it. Try it one day, maybe you'll change your mind. If you don't then you'll continue to drive behind the annoying guy who knows your behind him cursing his name and irritated. I will continue my game, lower my stress level, learn new routes and streets and free myself from the 45 in the 55 driver who thinks that the world is theirs to annoy.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Owen is ignoring me.

Look at me dog! LOOK.AT.ME!!!