Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moved On... for now.

So you've stumbled upon this blog and have wondered why there is no activity.  Well, I've moved on for now.  I'm not gone, I've just found a new home.  Since getting back into photography I've been very active in the community on Google+.  I've found the inspiration, camaraderie, and support that I long for there.

Venice Canal

Life brings change and this is one that I believe is for the better.

So if you are interested I can be found along with my photos at these locations:

Please feel free to join me there.  I'm most talkative on Google+ but post images on the other sites.  For now I'll leave you with a couple of my latest images.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my photography you may do so at www.brianbonhamphotography.com.

Peace and Love,


The Shoe

Juicing Pink

Panther Creek Falls in Washington State

Portland, Oregon at night